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elstinars.lacartadepostres.jpg  Santa
Teresa sweet TOAST, baked sweet
pumpkin, lemon rind and yoghurt ice cream

...served with Caligo Vi de Boira  4,20

A sweet, fresh, oily,
aromatic wine


light SOUFFLÉ with a hint of Grand Marnier 30 minutes 14,20

...matched with Clos Haut-Peyraguey 2015 15,00
expressive, oily and likeable in the mouth

COULANT of hot chocolate with cinnamon ice cream 20 minutes 14,20
In memory of the first coulant I had at Jean Luc’s restaurant, made by Jordi Butron

...matched with Don Pedro Ximenez Gran Reserva 1988 8,40
a Gran Reserva that provides volume and sweetness

caramelized PUFF PASTRY with hot chocolate and orange compote 10 minutes 11,50

…served with Pedro Ximenez Hechizo 6,70
with a smoother, crisper character than a classic PX

Bitter CHOCOLATE, crispy wafer, a creamy sweet fritter and mandarin, ginger and basil sorbet 11,50

... served with Dolç Mataró 7,50
a sweet wine made with red Monastrell grapes with a long maceration and time in the barrel

Caramelized PAIN PERDU with vanilla chantilly 11,50

... served with Gramona Vi de Gel 6,90
Gramona has created a great sweet wine with this distinctive method

creamy CHEESE FLAN with strawberries, bitter orange and lemon granita 11,50

…served with Victoria 2016 6,50
by Ordoñez, made by Alois Kracher with a selection of the finest Moscatell de Alexandria grapes

Fonteta CHEESE ice cream, red fruits, cookie and white chocolate 11,50

...matched with Château Violet Lamothe 2015 11,30
the Sauternes wines made from grapes affected by botrytis cinerea are the most highly-prized sweet wines in the world

CITRON CREAM, almond ice cream and citrus mint crushed ice 11,50

... served with Limoncello Villa Massa 4,20
the most classic Limoncello from Italy

Selection of handmade CHEESES 15,30
... (Fermió, Manchego Villadiego, Torta del Cassar and blue cheese from Muntanyola)


V.A.T. included 


Have gluten free desserts 

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