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S u m m e r   


Our traditional cuisine

classic and traditional dishes based on flavour, produce and the roots of our cuisine


s o m e   a p p e t i z e r s  t o  e n j o y
peasant’s tomato seasoned with fresh herbs, mustard and honey vinaigrette 13,50

toast and tomato - accompaniements  7,90 

anchovies from l'Escala salted with pepper and virgin olive oil -1 piece  4,30 

acorn cured ham from Guijuelo denomination of origin -60 gr  26,50
home-made roast croquettes with a touch of Iberian ham -1 piece  2,90

codfish fritters -1 piece  2,90
quick fried eggs and freshly-made potato chips -15 minutes  16,50 

quick fried eggs with freshly-made potato chips and Jabugo ham -15 minutes  19,80

tinars potatoes crispy with perol-catalan meat of Ca L'Esteve 17,80

snails a la llauna in our style -40 snails  17,80


e n t r é e s

organic vegetable and fruit salad, Parmesan and mustard and honey vinaigrette 18,80

“esqueixada” of raw cod, tomato, anchovies, tuna belly, "piparra" and romesco sauce 19,80

p a s t a   a n d   r i c e

our cannelloni traditional roast meat au gratin 17,30

rice with sea cucumber - 20 minutes 28,80

cuttlefish dry rice with charcoal-grilled seasonal vegetables - 20 minutes 19,80

s h e l l f i s h

oyster Galician or French Gillardeau - 1 piece  4,90

Carril Fina clams 00 grilled with virgin olive oil - 250 gr  24,90

grilled Palamós Prawns – 200 gr p.s.m.

grilled sea cucumber from Port de la Selva 58,60


d a i l y  f i s h  

grilled with small organic vegetables and romesco sauce  p.s.m.                              

grilled over charcoal with garlic and chili pepper oil, small onions, potato and piquillo peppers  p.s.m.                              

baked in the oven with potato, onion, tomato and ripe olives  p.s.m.     

m e a t s

steak tartare fillet of veal chopped with a knife, with potatoes and fried egg  26,50

small fillet steak with foie gras and mushrooms with cream sauce  33,80

grilled chateaubriand with béarnaise sauce - 550 gr. minimum of two people 34,90 p/p

Galician beef ribs cooked on the grill - 1,6 kg. minimum of two people 39,50 p/p


Our updated cuisine. The taste for tradition

dishes that are inspired and updated in our own special way. Product in its purest state

e n t r é e s 

fresh tomato with touches of gazpacho, tomato granita with almond and basil 18,50

Palamós prawns carpaccio with Paris champignons and truffled onion 29,50

red tuna: tartare and garum, sashimi and spicy vegetables, crunchy with ham juice 25,50

blue lobster with coral vinaigrette and vegetables salpicon 29,50

foie gras duo hot and cold, citric apple, brioche, quince and muscatell 13,90 23,50

gnocchi of creamy potato, butter sauce and Beluga caviar - 10 gr 21,80 36,50

Palamós Norway lobster, amaranth, tender almonds and Norway lobster fresh juice 24,80

the new trencadissa: potato, yolk egg, Jabugo ham, Aestivum truffle and green asparagus 19,80

crunchy pig’s trotter, prawn tartare, nuts and herbs garlic mayonnaise 25,50

roast chicken cannelloni, chanterelles and Asestivum truffle béchamel sauce 19,90

f i s h

charcoal-grilled and à la flame tuna belly, tomato, olives, herbs, anchovies, a touch spicy 29,50

roasted anglerfish, prawn carpaccio, suquet, mince and a toast with all crumbled 29,50

charcoal-grilled turbot fillet, pil-pil sauce, roasted leek and “piparras“ 33,90

m e a t

Galician beef grilled over charcoal, roasted potatoes, herbs, garlic, onions and Piquillo peppers 30,50

“ris de veau” with noisette butter, confit potato, herbs, pickles and mustard 24,50

roasted and glazed shoulder of kid goat, spinachs, nuts, tomato apricot and milk curd 34,90

slice of crisp suckling pig, apple salad, fennel, fresh cheese and raifort - 35 min. 29,80


If desired, we can prepare ½ portions, except with dishes of rice and fish

homemade bread and petit fours 4,75

We have bread for celiac (Alatria)