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2017.tofona negra

The black truffle is a winter mushroom that has been highly prized in the kitchen for its aroma for centuries. Central Catalonia is the main producing area of the country, because of the characteristics: wet oak and oak forests where it is cold in winter. Black truffle season extends from November to March and on our menu you will find it in dishes as diverse as:

GNOCCHI of creamy potato, butter sauce and black truffle Melanosporum

Roast BACON, fried egg, mashed potato and black truffle Melanosporum

Maresme BABY PEAS, cod tripe, black pudding and black truffle Melanosporum

Roast free-range chicken CANNELLONI, au gratin and well truffled

As the good weather aproches, the first peas and beans begin to arrive from the garden. Although they belong to the legume family, when they are fresh they look more like a vegetable, especially peas. They are very nutriotiosly rich and a true delight for the palate.

In Tinars we offer them lightly-fried a la Catalana with bacon and black pudding.

Bon appetit!


The first white truffles of the season are already in our cuisine, arrived directly from the Italian city of Alba and selected with a lot of care. The "Tartufo Bianco" (tuber magnatum pico) is the most precious type of truffle on the market for its gastronomic and economic value. There are many who call it "the diamond of autumn" because of its elevated cost, since they are really difficult to find and the harvesting season is very short, it is from October to December. 

Come discover the new gastronomic suggestions created by our chef with this product as a protagonist!


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