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We are in the middle of the peas season, one of the star products in the Tinars kitchen. Our peas come from Maresme. They are peas with an excellent texture and flavor, they have no skin and their sweetness is pronounced. We prepare them accompanied by broad beans, Catalan style, with bacon and black sausage, in a salad, with artichokes, asparagus, spring onion, mint and black truffle oil or grilled, with egg yolk, espardenyes and Iberian bacon.

Winter is a time of year very rich in seasonal products. In January we can enjoy artichokes, spinach, "calçots" or pumpkin, and as we approach the good weather, the first peas and beans begin to arrive. Although they belong to the legume family, when they are fresh (March to May) they are more like a vegetable, especially peas. Peas are very nutritious and a real delight for the palate, either in a salad -accompanied by broad beans, artichokes, asparagus and mint with black truffle oil- or Catalan-style stews, with broad beans, bacon and black sausage. Enjoy!

With autumn come the mushrooms, the grape harvest and the dried fruits. It is a season that we really like and allows us to cook and combine the usual ingredients with the seasonal exclusives. If you like to go mushroom hunting we let you know that the best time for mushroom pickers starts in mid-October.

If you are as much a mushroom lover as we are, feel free to ask us for information to come and enjoy our dishes. It will be a pleasure to receive you!


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