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Mmmm ... strawberries! They are one of the favorite fruits all over the world. Light, tasty and, at the same time, very nutritious. Irresistibles! Our favorites are those of the "pájaro" variety, from the Maresme, near to Barcelona. They are ecological strawberries that arrive to the restaurant practically freshly picked from the tree and that we like to introduce in fresh first dishes, like the salad of vegetables and organic fruits, and in cakes and light desserts, like our ice cream arm of strawberries with cream.

maduixes ecologiques


tofona negra melanosporum

Black truffle is a winter mushroom that has been greatly prized for centuries in cuisine due to its aroma. Central Catalonia is the country's main productive region, as the underground mushroom takes advantage of all the area's characteristics: damp downy and evergreen oak forests with cold winters. Black truffle season lasts from November to March. You can find it on our menu in an array of plates such as creamy potato gnocchi in butter sauce or toasted flatbread with Iberian pork and black truffle.



The first elvers have already arrived. They are elvers of the river Ter, considered one of the best elvers in the world.

A product of proximity and of the highest quality, fish in an artisan way, sustainable and respectful with the environment.

Elvers are usually cooked with hot oil, garlic and chilli, all paired with a soft wine to counteract its spicy strength.

Let's go and try them!