Tòfona negra

Black truffle is a winter mushroom that has been greatly prized for centuries in cuisine due to its aroma. Central Catalonia is the country's main productive region, as the underground mushroom takes advantage of all the area's characteristics: damp downy and evergreen oak forests with cold winters. Black truffle season lasts from November to March. You can find it on our menu in an array of plates such as creamy potato gnocchi in butter sauce or toasted flatbread with Iberian pork and black truffle (picture).

The first mushrooms of the season have arrived at the kitchen of Els Tinars. Mushrooms fill every corner with their autumnal fragance and our chef lets your imagination fly. In our menu you can already find dishes that have mushrooms as protagonists, such as wild mushrooms and chanterelles sautéed with perol -catalan meat-, yolk egg and potato emulsion.
Escamarlans de Palamós

Crayfish is a very popular product in Catalonia since the middle of the last century. They can be eaten alone, grilled or baked, and are extraordinary in "sea and mountain" dishes. We especially recommend our new summer menu dish: Palamós crayfish, amaranth, sweet almonds and fresh crayfish juice.